We always say: the relationship between a bride and her floral designer is a “long term relationship”. 

A wedding needs many months for correct preparation. It is a time filled of anxiety and emotions. 

So, why are you going to hire a floral designer you don’t feel comfortable to working with?

A wedding has so many details to care for. From the personal flowers, to the centerpieces.

Don’t forget the table place cards, the cocktail tables, the signing table…. All must match together.

It is very important to have a clear vision of your wedding venue: 

Is the ceiling high or low? Will the tables will be round or square? How many people will be seated at each table?

I know, it sounds weird, but all floral arrangements, all centerpieces will be in a specific space and we must think about it.

The flowers…. there are many different flowers and each one has it own season.

The colors…. have you thought of the bridesmaids dress color? Will their bouquets will be according with their dresses?

Have you thought of the groomsmans tie color before deciding the color of the flowers for the boutonnières?

Little by little your floral designer will help you to materialize all those details that are, at least until now, only in your own dreams.