Living With Flowers

Living With Flowers

Fresh Flowers

Once we arrived to our home with the beautiful floral arrangement we need to know how to take care of them properly to have long lasting flowers. We want to share some easy tips to help you with your flowers.

Buying Flowers

Without doubt, the most important tips is how to buy fresh flowers. Believe it or not, in the florist industry, that is one of the most difficult issue. When I started in this fantastic world, I made too many mistakes in buying flowers based on my passion. And, sometimes, the passion doesn’t help too much. I was amazed with the colors of the flowers, their head’s sizes, the prices…. I was driven more for the beauty of the flowers than of my reasons, but I learned.

What do I watch on a flower when I need it? The leaves, take a look and be sure they are green; be sure there are not rotten leaves nor stems among them, and, be sure,  they will not be falling when you put them upside down. 

Also, the end on the stems, have to be green. If you see a darker green on its ends, that means that the flower was long time in water.

The flowers, they have to be firm. Touch them gently with the palm of your hand, and they have to resist the press by coming back to the same shape, if not, they will wilt soon.

Buds: a tight bud not always means “fresh flowers’. There are many chemical products in the market to keep the flowers on good looking, one of them is for keep the buds tight. They might bloom partially, but usually, they stay tight. So, again: take a look on the leaves and stems.

The Place

The table, countertop, shelves or other places, has to be proportional to the floral arrangements size. 

The flowers needs their own space. If the spaces are too small, when the flowers keep blooming, the petals will get damage, specially the Lilies. And, once the petals get crackle, the life will be short.

If the table is beside the window, the direct sunlight and the heat,  will accelerate the flowers’ lifetime.

Try to avoid drafts.  Avoid that your flower bouquet is close to heating or air conditioning devices

The Water

Try to change the water at least, every three days. Keep it clean and fresh. You can add a few drops of Clorox to keep it clean. 

If it is a very hot time, (as always in South Florida…) you can vaporize the petals with a little fresh water.  Do it about 10 centimeters from the flowers.

The Food

You can add the food, if you have it, or, you can add a tea spoon of sugar, previously dissolve on water.

I hope I brought a little of light to your flowers passion and this helps you to understand the world of the flowers.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

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