Sympathy (from the Greek words syn “together” and pathos “feeling” which means “fellow-feeling”) is the perception, understanding, and reaction to the distress or need of another life form. 

On one of the hardest moment, when we are far away from our loves ones and still want to hug them, sending flowers is always a good option. But, sometimes, we get complicate about what to choose.

Floral Arrangements

The fresh flowers are the most requested for these occasions. 

Usually the persons order light color flowers, such as white, blush pink, baby’s blue. 

There are other who want to “enlighten” the sad moments of their loves ones, and decide for bright colors. 

Also, some people, who knows more details about the deceased, order specific flowers and/or others details to be added to the floral arrangement.

The things to consider about this arrangements are unlimited, but if you feel out of words, just try to say what you feel or, try  the recipient feel less alone.



This is a useful option as well. The plants requested, usually, are low care so, they don’t need too much attention.

But, sometimes, we receive orders with plants that require a lot of time and energy. Blooming  plants, fruit plants, big plants, that later, will require to be changes to the ground or to a bigger pot.

On those cases, the sender is looking for some activity for the recipient, something that helps to move away, at least a little bit, his/her mind out of their mourning. After all, a plant is a symbol of a future to come.

Fruits’ Basket

The baskets are welcomed as well. It can have fruits, candies, chocolates and, also, small plants or fresh flowers. So, with this, there is no way possible to make mistakes. And, the sugar, on moments like this, is a good friend when the best friend are too far away.

Well, these are some of the options you can think about it, for sad moments. I hope this helps you to choose the right one.

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